Bridesmaid Dresses for my Beach Wedding

I chose Myrtle Beach for my wedding destination. I knew it was the right place to marry my fiancé, and he agreed. Our family started looking into plane tickets and motel rooms.

I started shopping for dresses. For my bridesmaids, I wanted short dresses that were light and flowy, so they’d be comfortable. Of all the places I looked, an online site, Stacee, had the broadest selection of short bridesmaid dresses. After some preliminary searching I narrowed the choices down to about five.

Then, I started looking at prices and weighing the different colors and styles. I finally decided on two choices – both blue. All my friends would look good in blue and, since I wanted white and yellow flowers, blue would be the perfect color complement.

My bridesmaids liked both the dresses I picked out, but preferred the A-Line V-Neck Pleated Chiffon Mini. They liked the neckline and the beautiful royal blue color. Even more, they appreciated the built-in bra and that it is fully lined in the same royal blue.

The wedding was a success, and the blue dresses looked beautiful on the beach! They swirled romantically in the breeze for the ceremony and the pictures while the lining removed the distraction of the skirts blowing the wrong way and revealing too much. My friends enjoyed dancing in them too!

All in all, choosing short bridesmaid dresses for my Myrtle Beach wedding was the perfect decision. Blue was the ideal color and, since the dresses were short, my friends have been able to wear their dresses again to parties.

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